PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

Main products: Meltblown fabric (BFE95/99, N95/99, KN95, VFE99, PFE99, FFP1/2/3), spunbond fabric (S,SS,SSS), Laminated fabric (SMS, SMMS, SMMMS, PE+PP, PE+SMS, microporous film), PET active carbon fabric, ES fabric, air through fabric, pp fabric, PET fabric, spunlace fabric, needle punched fabric, air filter fabric.

SS and SSS nonwoven fabric is a new kind of composite material, which is composed of two or three layers of spunbonded nonwoven fabric.

With high strength, soft but uniform, health, light weight, breathable, non-toxic, no odor, no irritation of the skin and other characteristics.

The fabric widely used in medical, health, industry and agriculture. The material is 100% new PP, weight and width can be customized.

Availability of PP spunbond Non Woven Fabric

S: spunbonded non-woven fabric. Weight: 25g/sm Width: 17.5CM/19.5CM  Color: White/Blue

SS:  spunbonded nonwoven fabric + spunbonded nonwoven fabric. Weight: 25-50g/sm Width: 17.5CM/26CM   Color: White/Blue


Medical Masks, FFP1,FFP2,FFP3 Melt-blown


Melt blown non woven fabrics are mainly used for manufacturing industrial dust-proof face masks, cup shape face masks, polypropylene meltblown cloth and other protection face masks. Commonly used weights are 30g/sm to 75g/sm, two or three layers combined; It can effectively adsorb dust particles, with large dust capacity, good permeability, low resistance, high filtration efficiency and other characteristics. Mainly used in outdoor work, painting, construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, food processing, sanitation workers, cement factories, textile factories, cutting dust, heavy metal hazardous pollutants workplace. It can effectively separate and absorb very fine harmful industrial dust, prevent silicosis and reduce the harm of industrial dust to human organs. To prevent or reduce dust from entering the respiratory organs of the human body so as to protect life and safety.



Technology of Melt blown nonwoven fabric

Technological process of melt blown nonwoven fabric

The process of melt blown nonwoven fabric: polymer feeding – melt extrusion – fiber formation – fiber cooling – Network – reinforced into cloth.
Development of melt blown nonwovens Technology: dual component melt blown Technology

Since the twenty-first Century, the development of the technology of melt blown nonwovens has developed rapidly.

The American Hills company and Nordson company has successfully developed bicomponent melt blown technology, including skin core type, parallel type, triangle and other fiber, usually close to 2µ, the number of empty wire components can be per inch 100 holes, each hole extrusion amount can reach 0.5g/min.