Sustainable MATERIALS


Tailor made service

Sustainable Materials Sourcing

We aim to create sustainable, recycled materials from ground up. This includes materials from recycled plastic bottles, recycled fishing nets, and materials made on the basis of coffee ground. With our established network with more than 300 audited suppliers, we are capable to match even the most demanding clients requirements. We are sustaining  innovation, closed loop textile ecosystem.


Suppliers Social Audit

To guarantee good working conditions in a global supply chain can be a complex task. In seeking to ensure that products are manufactured and services are provided in lawful, safe and decent working conditions, and without exploiting employees, we work with global Inspection Agencies. Thus, we bring fair trade standards to the sustainable materials supply chain.


Sustainable Logistics

Colloborating with shipping companies, we endeavor to develop solutions for the most eco-friendly logistic routines for the transport of your sustainable, recycled materials. Customization to client needs and transparency are key in this process.


Tailor Made Service

Each customer has different requirements. For every sustainable sourcing project, we are adapting our consulting approach to meet your specific needs, no matter if you are big player or start up. Matters is commited to support your sustainable journey. 

From 0 to the infinity, lets talk about how we support your sustainable Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

whom do we support.

At /Matters/ we contribute to offer customers the insightful solution proposals for circular business model. No matter you are enterprises, NGO or Startup, we tailor made servies to assist your establishment/ transformation to sustainability model.

how do we support.
From the very beginning of your conceptual idears to the production, we support you all the way around to establish your sustainable mode with minimum environmental impact.

where do we source.

Our high quality audited sustainbale suppliers are based in mainland of China, Taiwan,  Italy and Germany.